Rimfire 22

Osceola Rod and Gun Club  Rimfire League


League shooting starts the first week of June.

Targets are available at the clubhouse during regular business hours. All scored targets are to be placed in the drop box.

League information including scores, age divisions, rifle classes and target scoring is also posted on the league bulletin board.

2023 League Scores

Registration for the 2024 season is open – Register for the League here on this form!

22 Rimfire Benchrest is a fun, challenging and technical sport shot with scoped or iron sight 22 rimfire rifles. As the name implies, competitors fire from a bench with the front of their rifle supported either by a bipod or a front rest/bag (shooters must support the rear of the rifle themselves – no bag or monopod).  Each week league participants will shoot a target containing 25 individual targets at either 25 or 50 yards.

To make competition as fair as possible and to include as many shooters as possible, the league will encompass a wide range of equipment and age divisions. Opportunities to compete will be provided for everyone from the novice to the expert.  This is a club member league and mostly for fun and skills development . . . shooters do not need to shoot every week – they may shoot a few weeks just for fun and skill development.

  • Age divisions will be: Youth (13 and younger), Teen (14 – 17), Adult (18-65), Super Senior (66 and older).
  • There are a total of five rifle classes:
  • Unlimited
  • Sporter Optics
  • Sporter Iron Sights
  • Factory Optics
  • Factory Iron Sights

Unlimited and optics classes shoot at 50 yards, iron sight classes shoot at 25 yards. All rifles must be chambered for 22 Long Rifle. Bolt and semiautomatic rifles are legal in all classes.

Unlimited Class is an “anything goes” class for high end production rimfires and custom 22LR Benchrest rifles. There is no limit on scopes – they may more than 20 power. There is no max weight limit, but rail guns are not permitted.  Examples of production rifles that are included in Unlimited would-be Anschutz actioned rifles including the 2013, Kimber 82, Remington 40X, Suhl 150, Walther KK200 and KK300. Within the guidelines listed, there are no limits on modifications other than safe operation. Stocks, barrels and triggers may be adjusted, modified or replaced with custom items.  All rifles that have been customized are included in Unlimited . . . some are rifles built on custom actions such as the Turbo, Hall, Swindlehurst, X-III, Stiller, etc. Any custom barrels – makers include Benchmark, Lilja, Shilen, etc.  Any rifles with custom triggers are in this class.  Semi-automatic rifles ARE permitted.

Sporter will be for Premium Factory rifles ($1000.00 msrp & up) with no modifications allowed. The factory trigger is required but it may be adjustable.  Any fixed or variable power scope may be used with magnification set to 20 power or less.  Barrel tuners, or bloop tubes are NOT permitted in Sporter Class (simple rubber mid-barrel dampers are permitted).  Semi-automatic rifles ARE permitted. Bipods may be the standard hunting style folding bipods, such as the Harris line or something similar.  Rifles weight with scope must be less than 13lbs.

Factory will be for factory actioned rifles shooting the 22LR cartridge (under $1000.00 msrp). No rifle modifications are allowed in this class (adjustable peep sights are allowed).  Any fixed or variable power scope may be used.  Any fixed or variable power scope may be used with magnification set to 20 power or less.  Semi-automatic rifles ARE permitted. Bipods may be the standard hunting style folding bipods, such as the Harris line or something similar.  Rifle weight with scope must be less than 10 lbs.

Any rifle exhibiting unsafe behavior or malfunctions will be removed from the firing line.  Ammunition may not be modified in any way.

Course of Fire Details & Eligibility

  • Shooters must be club members.
  • 25 shots for record at 50 yards within 30 minutes, from the bench at each target sheet.
  • Three warm-up targets can be shot each week.
  • One shot per target is permitted. Shooters will record their start and end times on the target (time starts after warm-up shoots are finished).
  • The target is an official USBR target – available at the clubhouse weekly for $5 each or all at once 12 for $50.
  • Participants may shoot any day (9 am to dusk) except Wednesdays during Trap and Archery league shooting (4 pm to dusk).
  • Scoring is “on-your-honor” and scored targets should be placed in the drop box only. League secretary will keep track and post scores.
  • All targets must be shot at the club from the rifle benches to the 50 yard target stands for scoped rifles, 25 yard target stands for iron sight rifles. Shooters may bring their own target backboard to attach to the clubs target stands with clamps, no screws.


Rimfire benchrest is a “for score” league.  Each week league participants will shoot a target with 25 individual targets.  One shot per target is allowed.  The 25 targets are shot within 30 minutes.  Sighting/warm-up shots are taken as needed.

The targets have progressively larger scoring rings with the smallest being the “X Ring” and each larger ring worth one point less; 10, 9, 8, 7, etc. A perfect numerical score would be 250 points.

  • If a bullet hole touches a line or dot on the target bull, shooter receives the highest point. Inner most ring counts as ten points, and each succeeding ring counts one point less. Outer most ring counts as 3 points. The dot in the middle of the inner most ring counts as an X (10 points) and total X’s are used to break ties. The image below shows proper scoring.
  • If more than one shot appears in target square, shooter receives lowest score minus one (1) point.
  • If a shot intended for a sighter (warm-up) crosses into a record target, it will be scored as a record shot minus one (1) point.

USBR Target
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USBR Scoring
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