Club Work Day – May 14th

9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Sign Up in the clubhouse on project list ahead of time!

Ask Mike questions about details.

Archery League – Important dates

  • April 13th & 20th, 5 p.m. – Archery workdays
  • May 4th – 1st week of shooting
  • August 10th – last week of shooting
  • No shooting July 4th week
  • Team Shoot-Off – August 17th & 20th
  • Archery Banquet – August 20th

Questions – contact Spidey – 651-491-0619.

Trap League 2022 – Important dates

  • All fees due on May 17th
  • Team Sponsor Fee increased to $50
  • Secretary Fee – $7 @ team member
  • Clubhouse will open for summer hours April 24th, 26th, 27th, 29th!
  • First League scoring will start Friday, April 29th.
  • Two trap rounds must be completed by Sunday, May 15th (clubhouse will open early at 9 a.m.).
  • The 3rd round must be shoot by May 17th.
  • Club shoot – July 31st
  • Trap Banquet – Tuesday, Sept 13th


Questions – contact Wally

Pistol Club & .22 Rimfire Rifle League will start June 6th
More details on Menu pull – downs!

Questions – contact Jerry Pedersen – 715-494-0212


SUNDAY APRIL 24th 2022 12:00 PM

Bring a crock pot of your best chili recipe and let the judges decide who the true club champion is!


*People who like to eat chili and vote for their favorite

*Side dish’s (deserts, salads etc.)


Keven Cassellius Memorial Scholarship Application Sponsored by: Polk County Tavern League

deadline – May 1, 2022

download application here – Scholarship

Trap Captain’s Meeting – Tuesday, April 5th, 7-8:30 pm – and – Archery Captain’s Meeting Wednesday, April 6th, 7-8:30 pm

Special note to Lifetime members!

Please complete our member online renewal process to update your demographic information.  Only about 1/2 of you have an email on file meaning you’re not on the club newsletter list and it’s hard to contact you about important annual club changes (your email and family names were never collected on the old paper forms).

There is a special category for your entry when it comes to the renewal reason!

It’s renewal time!

Remember the gate code changes March 1st!  Renewals are done online again this year.  See this page for instructions.

To facilitate quicker checkout times when paying at the clubhouse, please remember to bring your confirmation email either on your phone or printed out.  We do have a new computer in the clubhouse dedicated toward memberships which should help when filling out the form.

USCCA – United States Carry & Conceal Association

is running a special on Carry Insurance.  If you are interested, check it out here.

download larger size poster here

Pictures from the 2022 Banquet!


*March 22st, 6:30 till 9pm

Course registration, Orientation, Class conduct, Review course materials

Four rules of firearm safety, Chapter One, Chapter two

*March 24th, 6:30 till 9pm

Chapter three, Chapter four & Chapter five

*March 29th, 6:30 till 9pm

Chapter five, Chapter six & Chapter seven

*March 31st, 6:30 till 9pm

DNR Conservation Officer Peter Wetzel

Chapter seven & Chapter eight

*April 5th, 6:30 till 9pm

Chapter eight, Chapter nine & Review

*April 7th, 6:30 till 9pm

Written test, Field test

*April 9th, 9am till 1pm

Shooting Day (.22 rifle, Archery, .410cal, 20 ga & 12 ga shotgun)

Field Test – Graduation

TRADITIONAL HUNTER EDUCATION COURSE Discription – (from Wisconsin State Site)


Students attend a multi-day, in-person course where students learn hunter responsibility and safety through lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises and individual study. The students take a multiple-choice exam and complete a hands-on, skills-based assessment based on information found in the printed student manual and taught during class. Upon successfully completing all portions of the course, the student is awarded a hunter education safety certificate.


This course varies in length depending on the instructor but may not be longer than 19 total hours.


Students of any age may take a traditional hunter education course. The course is taught at a 6th-grade reading level.


Traditional hunter education course availability varies depending on the area of the state and time of year. There is at least one class per county per year.


1. Course Registration is only done online!

Go to this Webpage link: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/Education/OutdoorSkills/safetyEducation

2. Click the “enroll” button (end of 2nd paragraph).

3. Select “Hunter” under course type.

4. You will need a State DNR number (follow the directions).

5. You will then find the Osceola Rod & Gun Club class in “Polk County”.


$10 per student, paid directly to the instructor at the course.

Our club is moving to new Fall/Winter Hours!

The clubhouse will be open for Trap Shooting on Monday and Friday from 5 – 9 (or earlier if there are no shooters) and Sunday noon to 5 pm.

Osceola Rod & Gun Club 22 Rimfire
Bench-Rest League

See more info and our new page here!

Register for the League here on this form!

We will be starting this league in June 2021!   If you have questions call Jerry Pedersen, Club VP at 715-494-0212 (cell).

     22 Rimfire Benchrest is a fun, challenging and technical sport shot with scoped or iron sight 22 rimfire rifles. As the name implies, competitors fire from a bench with the front of their rifle supported either by a bipod or a front rest/bag (shooters must support the rear of the rifle themselves – no bag or monopod).  Each week league participants will shoot a target containing 25 individual targets at 50 yards. 

     To make competition as fair as possible and to include as many shooters as possible, the league will encompass a wide range of equipment and age divisions. Opportunities to compete will be provided for everyone from the novice to the expert.  This is a club member league and mostly for fun and skills development . . . shooters do not need to shoot every week – they may shoot a few weeks just for fun and skill development.  Our first year we will award as many trophies as possible in five different equipment classes and four age divisions. 

  • Age divisions will be: Youth (13 and younger), Teen (14 – 17), Adult (18-65), Super Senior (66 and older).
  • There are three rifle classes: Unlimited, Sporter and Factory. All rifles must be chambered for 22 rimfire. Sporter & Factory classes will also contain 2  iron-site divisions.  Bolt and Semiautomatic rifles will be legal in all classes. 

2021 Summer Archery Flyer

Starts May 5th through August 15th with no league June 30th – July 4th

(Click flyer to see larger version)

see archery rules and guidelines on the Archery Page here.

2021 Trap League Details

At the trap league meeting the following was established for the 2021 trap league season:

1. It will be a 16 week season. Shooting score rounds will start Friday April 30th.

2. Two rounds must be shot by May 11th and the 3rd round by May 18th. No shooting back after May 18th.

3. You can shoot three weeks ahead.

4. The 16th week ends August 17th and shoot off rounds must be shot by August 24h.

Team rosters are due May 18th.

Congratulations to Grace Stewart for winning the Kevin Cassellius Memorial Scholarship!

Sponsored by: Polk County Tavern League 

3rd Annual Club Banquet Picture Gallery Here

Club member Jeff Krueger started trap shooting three years ago, after not shooting since in his early twenties. Jeff fell in love with the sport and decided he wanted to get his family involved with him. He got his son-in-law Ryan Lillie to join the club and try  trap shooting for the first time. Ryan also fell in love with the sport and truly enjoys it. Jeff then decided it was time to introduce his  Grandson Liam Lillie to the sport. Liam is 8 years old and shoots a .410 single barrel shotgun. Liam started about two months ago and has already scored an 11 out of 25. Not bad for a youth shooting a .410. Liam also loves the sport and is now hooked like his Dad and Grandpa. It should be noted that the youngest age you may shoot at the club is eight and adult supervision on the line is a must at all times. All three love the sport and the Gun Club. Jeff and Ryan want to thank you all for welcoming Liam to the club!

Obituary for Harlan Leslie “Les” Oberg  (Cub Member)

Harlan Leslie Oberg lost his battle with Agent Orange, Prostate cancer and Covid-19 on January 22, 2021. He was born on March 20, 1946 to Irene and Harlan Oberg. He graduated from Robbinsdale High School in 1964, enlisting in the Navy shortly after. On June 11, 1966 he married Vicky Anderson, the love of his life. Together they had two boys, Brian and Curt. They raised their family in Spring Lake Park, MN where he joined the local Fire Department. Les worked in 3 different hospitals as an Operating Engineer becoming the states youngest Licensed Boiler Operator. In 1980 Travelers Insurance Company recruited him as a Loss Control Specialist inspecting large facilities. He worked for several large insurance companies until his retirement.

Shortly before retirement they moved to Cushing, WI where they became active in the local trap shooting clubs. During the past several years he helped coach 2 High School Trap Leagues. He loved working with the kids and they loved him back. He was hoping to teach his Grandson Kolton the sport. 

see full obituary here


Awesome Carry/Conceal Class done by

Buffalo Ridge Defense

Instructor/Owner Pat Cahill – who is an active OR&GC member – donating 50% of proceeds back to our club!  It was $720 – Thankyou Pat !!

We’ll have to do that again.

Triathlon – September 5th!

Thank you to all the competitors and volunteers for another great Triathlon!

3rd Place: Jeff Johnson & Steve Peterson.

2nd Place: Seth Stanton & Travis Olson.

1st Place: Hunter Shira & Jared Lubbers. Congratulations on back to back wins!


Note – from a our Range Safety Officers

Thanx to all those members who have attended Sunday Safety Briefings or invested their time to get their “Certificate of Completion” at our website online!  

A couple observations.  

  1.  Almost everyone who we see shooting at the pistol or rifle range are abiding by our most important rule – firearms empty and actions open while shooters are down range.  Remember you can not touch a gun or ammo on the shooting benches during this time.  It is OK to load magazines back at the safety tables.
  2. Introducing yourself to other members at the line is your best “safety habit”.  Get the conversation going as you arrive and you will have successfully created an easy way to safety check intentions with each other.
  3. The other day I saw some unsafe firearms handling at the line.  Knowing about our safety concerns –  it was easy to ask the shooters if they had attended a “safety briefing” this year?  Both young men said no . . . leading me to the next question – have you renewed your memberships yet this year?   They said they had never been members . . . the upper gate is always open on Sundays and they had been coming for years.  A strange unexpected answer to my safety concerns.  I said they could go up to the club house and pay a day fee or buy a membership or they would have to leave.  They had no idea this was a membership club.  Please – as card carrying members – fell free to use your safety awareness and concerns to help keep our club safe.

Congratulations to Hahns Huebsch on receiving the 2020 Osceola Rod and Gun Club Scholarship!

See his amazing application

See his Thank you card!

It’s time to renew your memberships!

Please read about the 2020 Safety Briefing Requirements

Safety briefings  occur on Sundays and continue through May as the majority of memberships are being renewed.  These briefings will be at 2 p.m.  Watch the club calendar for other Briefing opportunities.  Range officers will make an attempt to attend both archery and trap league nights to help make the briefings convenient.