As we approach the date for our 6th Annual Banquet the club would like to recognize our donors and volunteers. We appreciate the generous support received to make this event possible. Please support the businesses and individuals who contribute to our club.


90th Anniversary celebration July 22nd 8am to 10pm

90th Raffle Prize  

There are a few raffle tickets remaining. Please contact Philip Points or Mike Bohn to purchase. $ 20.00 each












2023 Rimfire League shooting will start first week of June.

Targets are available in the clubhouse, see the Rimfire 22 section of the site for details.


Hunter Safety at ORGC. 

Class Dates are  May 4th, 8th, 11th,15th, 18th,  6:30-8:30 pm and May 20th 9am to 1pm . Please register on the WI DNR web site.   www.wild.Wi.gov

Congratulations  Winter Trap League winners!!

1st Place: Jackson James 

2nd Place: (tie) Jasper James & Doug Maier

3rd Place: Philip Points

Summer Hours start Sunday April 23rd:

Sunday         12pm-5pm

Tuesday       5-10pm

Wednesday 5-10pm

Friday          5-10pm


Trap League starts Friday April 28th!

Team Rosters and dues are due NO LATER  than 5-14-23. 

Must be a Member for scores to count.  1st round must be shot by May 5th. 2  rounds shot by May 14th. No shooting back after May 14th.  

3 rounds shot by MAY 16th.

Trap round prices have increased for 2023 : Member trap round $5.00  Nonmember trap round $8.00.  

We will closed July 4th- and league will skip this week. 


If you have any questions contact Philip Points or Wally Shoop


Archery Starts MAY 3rd.

ARCHERY work night April 12th and 19th.

No archery league July 5th

August 9th is last night of League



Currently there is NO information on whether it will be rescheduled.



Membership Pricing Changes!

 Single person $65.00

Household        $75.00

Daily membership $15.00

Amendment to previous announcement:

There will be a volunteer Discount  on next year’s member ship of $25.00 after  four hours of volunteer labor. Can include  working at Osceola Community Fair.

***Please see Philip Points for details.


Pistol Club  will start June 5th
More details on Menu pull – downs!


Special note to Lifetime members!

Please complete our member online renewal process to update your demographic information.  Only about 1/2 of you have an email on file meaning you’re not on the club newsletter list and it’s hard to contact you about important annual club changes (your email and family names were never collected on the old paper forms).

There is a special category for your entry when it comes to the renewal reason!
Start Here

It’s renewal time!

Remember the gate code changes March 15th!  Renewals are done online A Paper Copy must be printed and brought to the club to receive your Membership card and gate Code.  See this page for instructions.

To facilitate quicker checkout times when paying at the clubhouse, please remember to bring your confirmation email either on your phone or printed out.  We do have a new computer in the clubhouse dedicated toward memberships which should help when filling out the form.
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Dates Pending***

Spring 2023 Dates are in the works. Please check club Facebook and DNR Websites for new information.

Shooting Day (.22 rifle, Archery, .410cal, 20 ga & 12 ga shotgun)

Field Test – Graduation

TRADITIONAL HUNTER EDUCATION COURSE Discription – (from Wisconsin State Site)


Students attend a multi-day, in-person course where students learn hunter responsibility and safety through lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises and individual study. The students take a multiple-choice exam and complete a hands-on, skills-based assessment based on information found in the printed student manual and taught during class. Upon successfully completing all portions of the course, the student is awarded a hunter education safety certificate.


This course varies in length depending on the instructor but may not be longer than 19 total hours.


Students of any age may take a traditional hunter education course. The course is taught at a 6th-grade reading level.


Traditional hunter education course availability varies depending on the area of the state and time of year. There is at least one class per county per year.


1. Course Registration is only done online!

Go to this Webpage link: https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/Education/OutdoorSkills/safetyEducation

2. Click the “enroll” button (end of 2nd paragraph).

3. Select “Hunter” under course type.

4. You will need a State DNR number (follow the directions).

5. You will then find the Osceola Rod & Gun Club class in “Polk County”.


$10 per student, paid directly to the instructor at the course.

3rd Annual Club Banquet Picture Gallery Here

Club member Jeff Krueger started trap shooting three years ago, after not shooting since in his early twenties. Jeff fell in love with the sport and decided he wanted to get his family involved with him. He got his son-in-law Ryan Lillie to join the club and try  trap shooting for the first time. Ryan also fell in love with the sport and truly enjoys it. Jeff then decided it was time to introduce his  Grandson Liam Lillie to the sport. Liam is 8 years old and shoots a .410 single barrel shotgun. Liam started about two months ago and has already scored an 11 out of 25. Not bad for a youth shooting a .410. Liam also loves the sport and is now hooked like his Dad and Grandpa. It should be noted that the youngest age you may shoot at the club is eight and adult supervision on the line is a must at all times. All three love the sport and the Gun Club. Jeff and Ryan want to thank you all for welcoming Liam to the club!


Note – from a our Range Safety Officers

Thanx to all those members who have attended Sunday Safety Briefings or invested their time to get their “Certificate of Completion” at our website online!  

A couple observations.  

  1.  Almost everyone who we see shooting at the pistol or rifle range are abiding by our most important rule – firearms empty and actions open while shooters are down range.  Remember you can not touch a gun or ammo on the shooting benches during this time.  It is OK to load magazines back at the safety tables.
  2. Introducing yourself to other members at the line is your best “safety habit”.  Get the conversation going as you arrive and you will have successfully created an easy way to safety check intentions with each other.
  3. The other day I saw some unsafe firearms handling at the line.  Knowing about our safety concerns –  it was easy to ask the shooters if they had attended a “safety briefing” this year?  Both young men said no . . . leading me to the next question – have you renewed your memberships yet this year?   They said they had never been members . . . the upper gate is always open on Sundays and they had been coming for years.  A strange unexpected answer to my safety concerns.  I said they could go up to the club house and pay a day fee or buy a membership or they would have to leave.  They had no idea this was a membership club.  Please – as card carrying members – fell free to use your safety awareness and concerns to help keep our club safe.