About Us

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to promote sport shooting and hunting with shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery; to promote fellowship and good sportsmanship among our members and the public; and the conservation of game and land.


Our Beginning

Our first meeting was held in the Bank of Osceola on November 16th ,1933. The 1st election for officers was held; Eugene Beyel was elected chairman, Charles W. Anderson as secretary, and Carl S. Peterson as Treasurer. A committee was formed to get new members and a membership fee of $1 was established.

On November 23rd, 1933 they met again to discuss the laws and rules of the club:
1. That we call the club The Osceola Rod and Gun Club.
2. That we use the bylaws of the Frederick Rod and Gun Club.
3. That we hold a regular meeting December 7th, 1933.

Members attending were:
Roy E. Nelson
Stanley L. Hawkinson
L. W. Stewart
Eugene Beyel
Robert Soderberg
Charles W. Anderson

Current Board

Our current By-Laws revised February, 2000

Our Certificate of Incorporation