During the 2019 membership year, the Osceola Rod & Gun Club Board implemented a required Range Safety Briefing for each member who wanted to use the Pistol or Rifle Range.  Each member had to attend a briefing before the end of the year to renew their membership for 2020.

As you renew for 2020 – the expectations are the same – you need to have attended a safety briefing to use the pistol or rifle ranges.  The board added a level of security/safety this year by requiring Members complete the Safety Briefing before they are given the 2020 Gate combination.  Members who competed briefings last year had their names recorded and they received a punch on their membership cards.  These 2019 Briefings will count toward your future membership.

If you have not completed a Safety Briefing, you will have to before you get the gate code upon renewing your membership.  Briefings will be scheduled multiple times throughout the year with a special emphasis during late winter/early spring.  These dates and times will be on the club calendar.  At this time Safety Briefings need to be done in person with an OR&GC Trained Range Safety Officer.  We are working on the possibility of offering an online video here on our website for future certifications.

Range officers will punch your membership card after the briefing and provide you with the gate combination upon completion.

Remember – all members signed a liability form with the same safety rules which are included in these briefings and posted at the rifle and pistol range.

Alternative Online Range Safety Briefing!

If you can not attend a Safety Briefing in person, you now can do it online.  Watch the following video and take the Safety Quiz afterwards.  You will receive a “Certificate of Completion via email when you finish.  Bring this printed certificate or the email on your phone into the club during open hours and a Club official will punch your membership card and give you the gate combination.

FYI – this procedure will not work on a tablet or phone – most of them will not allow pop-ups.  You need to do this on a computer!

OR&GC Range Safety Video

When you finish the video – you will take a quiz here.